Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puppy in a Bjorn

Hi All: I had to show you the photo I took the other day...this woman was carrying her beagle puppy like you would carry a baby in those back pack type of things. And the puppy was totally happy! It was the cutest thing!
Our second wave of guests checks out tomorrow and then third wave comes in. This was a great group, too. These guests we have here are so nice and fun and they have a ton of energy. We took them to speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey where the USA took down Norway pretty handily. The weather has been absolutely amazing for this group - not a cloud in the sky.
I haven't been out at night as much this go round - no Hooters - in fact, I don't even know if they have a Hooter's. However, there is a group of restaurants where the waitresses wear little black dresses...which doesn't do much for me. Where are the places where the waiters wear tight shirts? I had lunch at a place today where the waitresses were wearing an aqua colored dress and most of them didn't have their hair tied back or anything. I don't if you can even get away with that in the US as much.
I finally found my camera, not that I am a big picture taker but I feel like I should have a couple photos to show everyone that I actually was here in Vancouver.
I am working with this amazing woman named Kim who is from here and knows Vancouver REALLY well. She has been a godsend in giving the guests advice about where to eat and things to visit and most importantly, where to shop.
I'll include some more photos soon!
Love you all!

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