Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Less than 2 weeks left?

Hi Everyone!

The sun has actually come out! It doesn't seem to stay long but we will take anything we can get. If you are keeping track, you have seen that many of the mountain events have been postponed. The snow is just not good and it doesn't look it is going to get much better.

I am sure you have all heard about the guy from the country of Georgia who lost his life on the luge. We saw the replay literally minutes after it happened and it was the most devastating thing I have ever seen. Obviously, at that point, they didn't know that he would die. They have only shown it one other time here but I couldn't watch it. They haven't shown it since he was pronounced dead. Good bless him and his family!

Today is the first day for our second wave of guests. We had such an amazing time with everyone from Wave 1 - they were a great group!

Please don't tell my trainers but I am a big ol' tub of lard! I haven't worked out in awhile - seems like years- and we eat and drink very well here. If someone thinks or says to me "but doesn't the hotel have a gym", you obviously haven't been on-site to an event. Plus, you eat when you can and you can't be picky sometimes about what you put in your body. Hee hee - I have alot of excuses:-) I plan on diving right back in when I get home to get rid of these extra lbs.

Love you all,

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